Built The PowerHouse Way

From site selection and acquisition through design, build, and transfer to operations, PowerHouse offers turnkey solutions developed by proven real estate leadership and seasoned in-house construction management – with the best of the best technical expertise from our design teams and contractor partners.

Designs are geared toward High Performance Computing, High Density Power (HDP) in support of HPC and AI, and Immersive Cooling Solutions for OCP-Ready and DGX-Ready environments.

Hyper-Scale Inspired Powered Core & Shell Model:

Site Selection & Evaluation

  • Senior leadership averages 30+ years experience targeting and evaluating real estate for key success drivers
  • We focus on traditionally established locations to solve clients’ current needs but also leverage our national relationships to seek new markets of opportunity
  • We know the key drivers that make sites successful and our deep relationships with municipalities and utilities provide the insights we need to power sound decisions
  • In-house, long-tenured acquisitions team which understands not just the numbers but the myriad of esoteric variables forming the four corners of any deal
  • Our in-house development team crafts a complete power, fiber, water, sewer and stormwater profile for each pursuit

Property Acquisition

  • We prefer to acquire and entitle our sites to offer certainty to our clients versus simply locking-up and marketing the promise of a deal
  • We leverage decades-long relationships on a local and national scale to identify, capitalize and close opportunities
  • Proven track record of success working with municipalities for rezonings, site plan approvals, proffer diminution, wetlands mitigations, etc.
  • For sites with an unclear power delivery timeline, we endeavor to provide area for on-site substations which can significantly shorten the delivery horizon
  • Funding provided through a Joint Venture Agreements between Harrison Street and AREP to build a land bank for developments

Shell Design & Construction

  • In-house construction management team averaging 20+ years of core and shell experience with a reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery
  • We work with nationally recognized design teams to ensure we can accommodate all aspects of leading edge technology
  • Our shell designs begin with flexibility and adaptability in mind so we can quickly pivot to any BTS end-user strategy
  • Minimum N+1 system redundancy baseline design parameter. PUE design target range of 1.2 to 1.3
  • Baseline mechanical cooling design includes air-cooled rooftop chillers with the ability to add an evaporative component
  • Baseline mechanical cooling design includes air-cooled rooftop chillers with the ability to add an evaporative component

Infrastructure Build Out

  • Our partner contractors have the expertise and experience to seamlessly pivot from shell construction to full fit out
  • Our new build out solutions are future-proofed to accommodate requirements of cutting-edge power density and cooling solutions
  • Our secure campuses can support the value propositions for Availability Zones, AI / HPC Deployments and Hyperscale-inspired Powered & Cooled Shell Options as required

Full Fit Out & Delivery

  • Through a partnership with Integra Mission Critical, we can effect the full fit out, equipment procurement and commissioning of any users’ data center configuration
  • Integra is a proven industry leader in driving down cost and delivery timelines by providing power, cooling and IT modules from their manufacturing facilities around the world
  • Integra provides an integrated option for delivery and has a track record with the leading Hyperscalers & OTTs for meeting the exacting requirements from the data center development community